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Gita Sloka
Aashcharyavat pashyati kashchid enam
Aashcharyavad vadati tathaiva chaanyah;
Aashcharyavacchainam anyah shrinoti
Shrutwaapyenam veda na chaiva kashchit.
Chapter 2: 29

One sees This (the Self) as a wonder; another speaks of It as a wonder; another hears of It as a wonder; yet, having heard, none understands It at all.
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*** Welcome Priest Rajasekhar Chintapalli to HTBN ***

We are pleased to announce that Priest Rajasekhar Chintapalli will be joining the temple on Friday, December 26, 2014.

He is experienced in Kumbhabhishekam, Pratishtha Mahotstawam, Radhotsavas, Kalyanotsavas, Wedding, Upanayanam, and all the Samskaras. He can perform : Panchadasa Karmas (seemantham, namakaranam etc); Navagraha Pooja & Homam; Ganesha, Rudra, Chandi Durga Homam; Gruhapravesham; Aayush homam; Satyanarayana Vrath; Lakshmi Homam; Thread Ceremony; Marriages, etc.

He can read, write, and speak in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi & English languages.

SATURDAY DEC 20: Regular Saturday Schedule

11 am Noon : Sri Vishnu sahasranamam, Govinda namam, Aarti
Lunch Menu: Masala Dosa, Chutney, Sambar, Tamarind Rice or Yogurt Rice

Evening: 6 pm 8 pm, Aarti at 7:30 pm

SUNDAY DEC 21: Regular Sunday Schedule

11 am Noon : Bhajans, Geeta shloka, Aarti
Lunch Menu: Winter comfort foods - Undhiyu, Methi Daal, Rice, Roti, and Gajar Halwa

Evening: 6 pm 8 pm, Aarti at 7:30 pm

First New Year Celebration at HTBN

11:30 pm - 12:00 am (midnight): Bhajans
12:00 am : Aarti to welcome New Year 2015
12:15 am : Teertham and prasadam

THURSDAY, JAN 1st 2015
Special New Year Services all day

Temple Vaikunta Dwaram open at 9:00 am
Temple Open all day 9:00 am to 8:15 pm
Vaikunta Ekadasi Celebration all day
Devotees can see the Lord through Vaikunta Dwaram

We really hope that you will be able to participate in these celebrations and take advantage of the currently available rare sponsorship opportunities and good learning opportunities.

BALAGOKULAM CLASS during the whole school year:

Dates: September 14, 2014 to June 1, 2015
Time: 4:30 pm 6:00 pm (Every Sunday except the first Sunday of month)
Age: 5- 13 years ($115 fee total)
Activities: Games, Yoga, Arts & Crafts, Personality Development, Leadership skills, Niyuddha (Indian Karate), Shloka, Stories and Sessions on Hindu Culture, and more.
Please sign up for Balagokulam class either by filling the form at temple front desk or directly at the class on Sundays during the next one month. The sooner, the better because class starts on Sept 14th. For more information, please call 412-983-1901 or email bmi.bgkm@gmail.com or visit http://www.balagokulam.org.

Temple Timings:



Aarti:11:30AM & 7:30PM

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