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HTBN is very happy to announce that effective Monday, June 21st, our temple will be open regular hours and resuming the regular services. 

We request devotees to adhere to the following guidelines while visiting the temple:

  1. If you are sick or recently tested positive for COVID, please do not enter/visit the temple for two weeks.
  2. All devotees/volunteers/visitors (vaccinated and non-vaccinated) MUST wear Mask at all times.
  3. Non-vaccinated (including children under 12 years of age) and immuno-compromised devotees MUST maintain 6ft social distance while in temple.
  4. Be respectful to our Front Desk and all other Volunteers & follow all guidance and directions provided by them.

Some of the guidelines that are being relaxed:

  1. There is no need for sign-in at front desk.
  2. Capacity restrictions have been lifted.
  3. Time limit for Darshan has been lifted.
  4. Chanting/Singing will be allowed with mask on.
  5. Restrictions on Shastanga namaskaram/Dandavat Pranam and sitting in the temple have been lifted.
  6. Carry out prasadam only and no dine-in allowed.
  7. Resuming all in-temple and in-home priest services with listed guidelines.
  8. Donation items like Flowers and Fruits need to be places at the designated area near the stage.